John P. Williams is an attorney with the Nashville law firm Tune, Entrekin & White, P.C. He currently represents eight health care provider organizations, including the Tennessee Academy of Physician Assistants, the Tennessee Society for Respiratory Care, the Tennessee Optometric Association, the Tennessee Podiatric Medical Association, the Tennessee Chiropractic Association, the Tennessee Association of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists, the Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association, and the Southern Pharmacy Cooperative. For four years he also represented the American Cancer Society and the Campaign for a Healthy and Responsible Tennessee (CHART).

He has drafted and successfully lobbied to passage numerous bills in the Tennessee legislature. Among the most notable laws he helped pass are the 1999 amendments to the Tennessee Prevention of Youth Access to Tobacco Act and the 1997 law which requires insurance companies to pay for equipment, supplies, and self-management training needed by persons with diabetes. He has drafted and successfully lobbied numerous changes in the professional practice acts of his clients, including bills to allow PA’s to prescribe, to allow podiatrists to treat ankle problems, to allow optometrists, podiatrists and PA’s to form professional corporations with MD’s and DO’s, and to allow speech language pathologists to perform endoscopy procedures. In 2003 he drafted and helped pass a bill governing the leases between optometrists and retail stores that sell optical goods.

John is a graduate of Davidson College and Vanderbilt Law School. He has practiced law in Tennessee since 1972 and has been a registered lobbyist at the Tennessee legislature since 1990.

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