8/10/2020:  TAASLP has OPEN Executive Council Positions

TAASLP Executive Council has open positions.  If you or someone you know wants to get involved please send nominations to Lindsey Eastland, TAASLP President at 

Open Positions:

1. President-Elect: shall serve as a presiding officer in the absence of the President. This person will assume the position of President following service as President-Elect. This person shall be responsible for appointing an Association member to chair the Committee on Third Party Reimbursement and assuring that this committee performs its duties.

2. Vice President of Convention: shall be responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of the Annual Convention and other continuing education activities and appointing the chairs of the Annual Convention and Continuing Education Committees and assuring that these committees perform their duties.

3. Vice President of Communications (interim position for 1 year):  shall be responsible for the publication of the Association newsletter, development of the Association website and appointment of the chair of the Committee on Professional and Consumer Relations and such other activities designed to enhance communication within the profession and to the public.

4. Vice President of Membership (interim position for 1 year): shall be responsible for chairing the Committee on Membership and assuring that this committee performs its duties as described in Article VII, Section 3 of the Bylaws.

5. Student Delegate: shall be responsible for representing students statewide to the Executive Council. This Council member should be elected based on his/her ability to lead and effectively communicate with multiple student groups. This person is responsible for coordinating the Student Corner of the semi-annual newsletter to ensure equal representation among the audiology and SLP programs across the state. This person is active in coordinating the student- centered portions of the annual Convention.


TAASLP Response to Racism:

The Tennessee Association of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists (TAASLP) shares in the astounding grief sparked by the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the many lives lost unjustly to racism and discrimination. These events remind us that we should do more as a society to treat each other with empathy and respect while seeking resources available to correct, reconcile and move forward.

As Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists, our responsibility is to advocate for the basic human right of communication for all individuals. The American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Code of Ethics obligates us to base our practices in the field ​“on principles of duty, accountability,fairness, and responsibility” and to provide equitable care regardless of “race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity/gender expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, disability, culture, language,or dialect.”

The American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Code of Ethics reminds us to provide services with “honesty and compassion” and “respect the dignity, worth, and rights of those served.”

The Executive Council Board of TAASLP is committed to listening to our colleagues, clients, students and families who are impacted by inequality and unethical practices. TAASLP wants to work together to stand in solidarity against these actions of discrimination and take action. We want to let those we serve know that we hear them, support them and know they have a voice that is heard in our community of professionals.

What can you do as members of TAASLP? We call on our members to help us. The Executive Council Board of TAASLP would like members to give input and share your thoughts.

1) TAASLP will develop an AD HOC Committee on Diversity and Equality; this committee will seek out educational resources on diversity and equal practices to share with our members, post to our newsletters, and continue to enhance our annual ethics requirements as professionals. Please contact Rachel Barger at if interested.

2) To seek you support or share concerns in your workplace setting from the TAASLP Board please contact your TAASLP board directly:
President, Lindsey Eastland, ​​
President Elect, Jennifer Wilson ​​
Member At Large, Rachel Barger

3) On our upcoming Member Survey we will devote specific questions pertaining to inclusion,diversity and ethical practices. Please help us by completing the survey to guide the forward direction of our organization. Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists advocate everyday for those who cannot effectively communicate for themselves and TAASLP is committed to embracing equality and inclusion in the populations we serve. Please help us by letting us hear your voice, get involved and to continue to advocate for ourselves and others

ASHA Code Code of Ethics ​click here

AAA Code of Ethics: click here