TAASLP Day on the Hill 2020

TAASLP Day on the Hill 2020

Wednesday February 26, 2020



Orientation – Heather Meshell and Courtney Atnip, TAASLP Lobbyists

Discuss current legislative issues affecting profession/patients in SLP/AUD


Visits with Legislators as assigned

Advocate for current issues affecting AUDs/SLPs/our patients


Debriefing, Discuss legislator feedback – Heather Meshell, Courtney Atnip, and Jamie Seek

Learning outcomes- TAASLP’s Day on the Hill 2020

Participants will be able to:

1. To explain the procedure of introducing and moving a bill through the State legislature

2. To identify critical legislative issues for SLP/AuD practice in Tennessee

3. To advocate for their profession and patients by meeting with legislators


Heather Meshell and Courtney Atnip are contracted as lobbyists for TAASLP and receive compensation for those activities. Heather Meshell and Courtney Atnip have no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.

Jamie Seek has no relevant financial or non-financial relationships to disclose.

This program is offered for .40 CEUs (various levels, professional area)

Please RSVP to advocacy@taaslp.org and let us know you are coming!

Contact Jamie Seek to get involved

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