To serve audiologists and the profession of audiology in the state of Tennessee.


In the past few years, the TAA Leadership has been instrumental in the following

  • Helped to block legislation that would have allowed support personnel to complete complex hearing and balance evaluations without direct supervision by an audiologist or physician.
  • Helped to block legislation that would have mandated all patients with hearing loss to first see a physician even if medical or surgical care is clearly not indicated.  In #1 and 2 above, TAA solicited and received help from TAASLP, ASHA, and AAA.
  • Helped to block legislation that would have added sales tax to hearing instruments, saving our patients 9.25% on the cost of their hearing assistance.
  • Investigated cases of professional trespassing and truth in advertising.
  • Investigated mail order sale of hearing aids.
  • Began efforts to talk with other state groups (e.g. DVR, TEIS, CSS, birthing facilities) to explain what audiologists do and how TAA can help these groups accomplish their own objectives.
  • Led in efforts to mandate newborn hearing screening
  • Changed licensure to require Au.D. beginning in Jan. 2011
  • Worked to get mandated HA coverage for children by insurance carrier
  • Communicate with members regarding insurance issues.