Monday, 6 of May of 2013

Convention 2011 Wrap-Up


Greetings from the aftermath of the 2011 Chattanooga Convention!

by Susan Logan, 2011 Convention Chair

Thank you to the entire TAASLP convention team. We especially want to thank our students who literally came from all directions (across the state) to work in all directions across the convention: babysitting, stuffing bags, silent auction set-up, introducing, greeting, running errands, competing and entertaining us.

College Bowl

TSU, MTSU, UT, Memphis and Vanderbilt showed us both knowledge and skills in the annual College Bowl. We were impressed with these talented students in the spirit competition and in the actual college bowl, itself. Thanks again to all of the universities for encouraging this participation in our state organization. Congratulations to TSU for winning the college bowl 2 years in a row!! Congratulations to MTSU on winning the Spirit Competition and congratulations to Vanderbilt University for winning the overall participation award.

Thank you to all of our teams: University of Memphis (Molly Ellis , Bridget Finlay , Paul Pendergraft and Caleb McNiece ); University of Tennessee (Britany Rinehart, Matthew Meredith, Lee Tyler and Julie Jenkins); Vanderbilt University (Amanda Fortner, Virginia Busby, Helen Pu, Miriam Lenon and “coach” Ryan Millager; Middle Tennessee State University (Sarah Smith, Stephen Lawrence, Kathryn Guion and Keely Pennington) and Tennessee State University (Hailee Long, Matt Ward, Stefanie Holland and “alternate and coach” Nick Watson.

2011 TAASLP Foundation Scholarships

At the Award Luncheon, held on October 28, the winners of the two 2011 $1000 TAASLP Foundation Scholarship Awards were announced. Click here to learn more about recipients Brittany Rinehart and Olga Carniello.

2011 TAASLP Awards

Awards were presented for members who’ve served with distinction in the past year: Honors of the Association: Barbara H. Jacobson, Ph.D.; Distinguished Service Award: Courtney Jenkins-Atnip; Public School Service Award: Paula Miller-Laaser, M.S.

The Convention Team

Let me just say, the state organization that represents our professions are in good hands . . . and minds. Susan Amberg, our secretary/treasurer, kept us under monetary control throughout the entire convention process. She also made posters, signs, documents, and did many other things to help make this convention successful — too numerous to mention. Julie Crosby kept us organized with registration and helped us staff the registration table. She was our TAASLP boot camp boss. Paulette Gentry pitched in where needed and organized the Silent Auction. Marion Hammett, as usual, was a true leader and organized the awards ceremony, bought the gifts, encouraged nominations and helped us all celebrate the achievements of our colleagues. She also recruited exhibitors, organize exhibitor registration and set-up, and helped encourage collegiate participation a true jewel. Amy Livingston what can we say! Her spirit and energy kept the students and the rest of us going. She had the website working, with Tracy Rode, internet manager, and looked out for the students, helping them maintain their duties throughout the convention. The program brains were Tricia Kennedy, Laura McBride, Whitney Mauldin, Laura Gifford and Lee Helen Evans with Tiffany Wright organizing the gift bags. Much kudos to all our presenters!! We cannot thank them enough for their wisdom, time and ability to share their ideas with us.

Many wows and excited discussions were heard around the luncheon tables. It is true that it takes a village and our village (TAASLP/TAA) did us all proud!!

**On behalf of the executive council, TAASLP would like to thank Susan Logan for organizing the entire convention, single-handedly. We thank her for her many hours of phone calls, e-mails, text messages and more phone calls. Her organizational skills and outstanding leadership truly made this convention a success. Thank you Susan!

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