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Transitioning to Your 4th Year Externship/CF

  • If you are completing your Fourth Year Externship within the state of Tennessee, you are asked to register your externship with the Department of Health (Board of Communication Disorders and Sciences).  This must be done prior to the start of the externship.
  • If you are completing your Clinical Fellowship within the state of Tennessee, you are asked to obtain a provisional license with the Department of Health (Board of Communication Disorders and Sciences).
  • If you are working in the schools as a SLP-Clinical Fellow, you are also asked to obtain a Practitioner School Services Personnel (PSSP) license with the Department of Education.
  • Expect the process for licensing to take up to 6-8 weeks once your applications are submitted If you are unsure if you will be staying in Tennessee after graduation, you may want to complete these applications anyway, pending your decision.  Some other states require this as well and will have their own process.  It is your responsibility to know the laws of the state in which you are working.
  • TAASLP wants to make the transition from a graduate student to clinician as easy as possible. Please use these resources to assist you!

Licensure Guidance for Students Transitioning to Professionals

Licensure with Department of Health

Please follow the Application Instructions provided by the Tennessee Board of Communication Disorders and Sciences by clicking HERE.

   For your initial evaluation, you will need to provide the following during the application process:

1.     Completed Signed Application

2.     Fees of $160.00

3.     Passport Size Photo, 2×2 Headshot on white backdrop taken within the last year.

4.     Supervision Form Completed and Signed to include practice name and address.

5.     Verification from other states (if applicable)

6.     Notarized Declaration of US Citizenship with copy of supporting document

7.     Birth Certificate -Certified or Notarized Copy, NO originals.

8.      Criminal Background check (OCA code 2023) must come from IdentOGo

9.     Official Transcripts showing degree conferred/awarded sent directly from the University to the Board

All TN Board of Communication Disorders and Sciences Applications


Licensure with Department of Education

  • Create a profile with TN Compass
  • Please note that if you went to a school within Tennessee, you are considered to be an in-state student.  If you attended a school outside of Tennessee (e.g., Kentucky, California, Arkansas, etc.), you are considered to be an out of state student.
  • If you are an out of state SLP seeking licensure, please note that the TDOE website refers to an Out of State Educator Preparation Verification Form for out of state applicants.  This form is no longer applicable for out of state SLPs seeking initial licensure in Tennessee as the Office of Educator Licensing and Preparation are working on updating the licensure process.  However, you may have to work closely with the Office of Educator Licensing and Preparation about this as your application may be denied initially.  If you have any questions or concerns about licensing, please contact TAASLP.
  • If you are an in state SLP seeking licensure, work closely with student services and the Teacher Licensure Advisors at your school in order to have needed information inputted into TN Compass. This will include the following
  • ALL transcripts from undergraduate, masters, doctorates
  • Verification form from program that hours were met appropriately
  • Test scores from PRAXIS (sent directly to Dept of Ed on testing day)
  • After all needed information inputted, you will receive an email requesting you log back in to TN Compass and complete a short personal affirmation, then it will submit to the Department of Education for review.

ASHA Certification


  • You can apply for ASHA membership at any time after you graduate. You do not have to wait!
  • Be sure to send Praxis scores to ASHA from ETS
  • Send transcript to ASHA once you have graduated from your graduate school program
  • Once submitted, your school’s program director will complete her/his portion of the application.
  • As you approach and reach the end of your CF experience, you can input your completed CF information into your membership profile.  ASHA will send a verification email to your CF Mentor so she/he can verify mentorship of your CF experience.