TAASLP History

The Tennessee Speech Hearing Association was founded in 1953 and became the Tennessee Association of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists in 1974.

TAASLP Mission

The mission of the TAASLP is to meet the needs of persons with hearing, communication, and swallowing disorders and to enhance the professional development of audiologists and speech-language pathologists.

To accomplish these goals, we have an active lobbyist to monitor legislation affecting interests of professionals or patients in audiology and speech-language pathology. Additionally, TAASLP organizes an annual conference that features engaging presentations to facilitate professional development and offers excellent networking opportunities with professionals from across the state of Tennessee. Lastly, TAASLP is active in the community and is successful because of our wonderful members.

Why Should I Join TAASLP?

TAASLP members are kept up to date on potential changes in legislation and regulations that affect their professions.  You can help advocate for audiology and speech language pathology by attending Day on the Hill, meeting with or writing to legislators, or testifying at committee hearings.

Meet other professionals across Tennessee by attending the annual conference, serving on committees, and participating in activities like Day on the Hill.  These can help you make improved referrals, learn from the practice of others, and assist in job hunting!

Check out TAASLP's annual conference, featuring three seperate tracks, each with its own featured speaker:

  • Adult & Medical Speech-Language Pathology
  • Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology
  • Audiology

TAASLP member's receive discounted attendance to the annual conference.  Local CEU events are posted on our website, newsletter, and social media as well, so that you're kept in the loop on all CEU options.

TAASLP gives members several options for professional development, skills that can help you advance your career.  Gain leadership experience through serving on the executive council or committees.  Improve your speaking skills by presenting at the annual conference.  Enhance your interpersonal skills through participating in Day on the Hill and networking opportunities.

TAASLP publishes a quarterly newsletter, keeping members informed about issues affecting SLPs and Audiologists on state and local levels, both within TAASLP and in government and community organizations.   On our website, you can find resources for licensure, CEUs, and job hunting.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for an easy way to get this information and more!

Membership Types

SLP Assistants
SLP and AuD Students

Free lifetime memberships are available to professionals aged 65+ who have been a TAASLP member for at least 10 consecutive years.  Submit a request to the current TAASLP President if interested.