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Please let TAASLP know if you have questions/concerns.  We hope you can join us Day on the Hill 2017.  More Details to Follow courtesy of Alison Kemph, TAASLP Vice-President of Legislative Affairs, and John Williams, lobbyist guiding TAASLP through our legislative needs.

Please spread the word that advocacy is not scary, our voices should be heard, and the more the merrier! Contact your Legislator!

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H.R. 1116 Comprehensive Medicare Audiology Bill

U.S. Representative Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) has introduced Medicare audiology legislation (H.R. 1116) that would provide Medicare beneficiaries greater access to audiology services. The proposed legislation would give Medicare beneficiaries access to audiologists for both diagnostic and treatment services.
After extensive discussions and broad-based feedback from members, lengthy deliberations with our legislative consultants, and direct contact with numerous legislative representatives and senior staff, we are convinced that this is the only direction that has any chance of success in the foreseeable future. Your ASHA Board of Directors believes that members expect results and not empty promises. With your support, we can begin the process of passing the H.R. 1116!
If enacted, the bill would not only help patients get more access to qualified providers, it would increase opportunities for audiologists to treat Medicare patients. The bill aligns audiologists with the managed-care direction of health care; at the same time, it has negligible impact on costs to the health care system—a fact that is critical for its ability to pass within the current regulatory and legislative environment.
I urge you to contact your Representative throughASHA's Take Action process and ask him or her to support this legislation. This legislation is an exciting step in enabling audiologists to be viewed as providers of both diagnostic and treatment services within the Medicare system. This is a crucial component for audiologists to be recognized for their full scope of practice.
So please Take Action now! If you have questions about the legislation, don't hesitate to contact Ingrida Lusis, ASHA's director of federal and political advocacy, atilusis@asha.org, or visit the ASHA website to review the full range of materials that go into more depth about the bill.

Stop Legislation That Recognizes Hearing Aid Specialists as Providers at the VA

TAASLP & ASHA NEED YOUR HELP! On March 27, 2014 a hearing was held on legislation related to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health benefits, including H.R. 3508. This legislation would recognize hearing aid specialists for appointment to the VA to independently provide hearing aid evaluations, fittings and orientation, verification and clinical outcomes measurements, and customary after care services. ASHA submitted a statement for the record in opposition to the legislation. The VA Deputy under Secretary for Health Policy and Services testified in opposition to the bill, stating that the Secretary of the VA already has the authority to hire hearing aid specialists.
In its testimony, the VA stated that the lack of standardized educational and professional health licensure requirements of hearing aid specialists could fragment hearing health care services and limit delivery of comprehensive hearing health care services because Veterans frequently exhibit hearing loss in combination with other comorbidities.
The legislation is being championed by the International Hearing Society and has the support of several veteran groups who wrote in support of passing the legislation. Congressional inquiry at the hearing expressed concern with long wait times for both hearing health services and repair of devices given that tinnitus and hearing loss are the top service-related disabilities for veterans. Because of the interest and concerns expressed by members of Congress related to timely access to hearing health services, there is a possibility that H.R. 3508 may be included in a larger VA health bill later this year.
Tell your Representative not to cosponsor this legislation. The legislation is redundant, unnecessary, and will NOT address issues associated with long wait times for hearing aids and hearing health care services.

H.R. 2330 "Medicare Audiology Services Enhancement Act"

TAASLP wants you to be informed. Lobbyist John Williams explores H.R. 2330 and presents a balanced assessment of the perspectives of both ASHA and ADA & AAA.

More information about H.R. 2330 is available at the following websites:

Please contact your congress person to voice your opinion about this important issue!


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