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ACE Award Listing October – December 2021 Tennessee During this period, the following ASHA members and /or certificate holders were presented the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) by the Continuing Education Board. The ACE is a formal recognition of professionals who have demonstrated their commitment to lifelong learning by earning 7.0 CEUs (70 contact hours) within a 36-month period. For those individuals who have received more than one ACE, the number of awards is indicated in parentheses.
Awardee Name Award Presented Awardee City Awardee State
Casandra Banks November 2021 Cordova TN
Kathryn Califf October 2021 Nashville TN
Andrew Cantrell November 2021 Smithville TN
Rebecca Crawford October 2021 Clarksville TN
Mary Dale Fitzgerald October 2021 Lewisburg TN
Kristin Dorris November 2021 Cross Plains TN
Emily Duke Wishik October 2021 Nashville TN
Lindsey Eastland October 2021 Spring Hill TN
Kristy Eisenzopf November 2021 Johnson City TN
Caroline Fast October 2021 Spring Hill TN
Trisha Fields December 2021 Antioch TN
Mary Sue Fino-Szumski October 2021 Mount Juliet TN
Leigha Friener October 2021 Germantown TN
Wendi Gibson October 2021 Bristol TN
Deborah Goodman October 2021 Louisville TN
Morgan Greve October 2021 NASHVILLE TN
Tiffany Ham October 2021 Paris TN
Linda Lairamore November 2021 Maryville TN
Daphne McDonald November 2021 Memphis TN
Shannon McGurk October 2021 Nashville TN
Carren Mills October 2021 Maryville TN
Christa O’Neal October 2021 Memphis TN
Nicole Pizappi(2) October 2021 Knoxville TN
Nicole Pizappi(2) November 2021 Knoxville TN
Nola Radford November 2021 Knoxville TN
Crystal Reszczynski October 2021 Philadelphia TN
Stephanie Rouse October 2021 Jonesborough TN
Brooke Stansberry October 2021 Knoxville TN
Victoria Thomas October 2021 Johnson City TN
Heather Tracy October 2021 Mount Juliet TN
Jennifer Trammell October 2021 Johnson City TN
Ashley Williams November 2021 Bartlett TN
Susan Williamson-Jenkins October 2021 Memphis TN


Sarah Fox helps patients & fellow SLPs in FEES 

Sarah Fox is a FEES-certified speech pathologist with an interest in swallowing and swallowing disorders.  Since graduating from Tennessee State University, she has worked in the school setting, skilled-nursing facilities, and is currently practicing in a critical illness recovery hospital working with the tracheostomy and ventilator dependent population.  She enjoys conducting her own research studies comparing the clinical swallow examination to FEES, in order to gain a better understanding of SLPs’ limitations when assessing swallowing at the bedside. She recently presented her research at the 2021 TAASLP convention.



Lexie Gregory gives presentation on Apraxia FAQS

Alexis “Lexie” Gregory M.A., CCC-SLP is a therapist at Sidekick Therapy Partners where she works with the pediatric population. She is recognized by Apraxia Kids ( as a therapist who has shown an understanding of and experience in, treating children with apraxia of speech and is trained in PROMPT.​ PROMPT is most known for being a tactile-kinesthetic (touch and feel) approach where an SLP places his/her hands on the client’s face to guide his/her jaw, lips, and tongue to move correctly to form words​.

Lexie recently gave a presentation to her company (Sidekick Therapy Partners) on Apraxia FAQs​which included frequently asked questions from families and therapists regarding apraxia.

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